About Us

White Light Expos – Your Place For Information and Products To Enhance Your Life and Wellbeing

People can come to any of our  White Light Expos throughout South East Queensland and the Northern Rivers of NSW and avail themselves of the knowledge and wonderment that these complimentary modalities hold.

Not only can they try various treatments at often a markedly reduced price but also learn from the many lectures that are held over the weekend which give further insight into a more rewarding healthier you. There is also the possibility of learning about three ancient sciences in Numerology, Tarot and Astrology as practitioners of these subjects travel with the Expo to enlighten those who seek answers. Of course we also have a dedicated and professional group of Psychics / Clairvoyants and Mediums at each of our Expos.

No Expo is complete without having your Aura Photo taken and our highly skilled team has one of the most trusted and respected psychics who will read the photo for you.  At each of our venues we have a local Spirit Guide artist. These ladies continually amaze people with their clarity and beauty, you watch with enchantment as your Spirit Guide appears on paper in front of you. The majority of these artists also do a channelled reading about your Spirit Guide or give you messages from your Spirit Guide. Come join us at our next White Light Expo.