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List of Exhibitor Stands for the Brunswick Heads
Psychic Expo – Psychic Saturday

30th September 2017
10am – 4pm

Brunswick Heads Psychic Expo Editorial Ad


As with every psychic expo and event run by White Light Expos, the Brunswick Heads Psychic Expo – Psychic Saturday is bringing together an interesting group of exhibitors.   Whitelight Expos are professionally run and managed.  Extensive advertising and marketing campaigns are run for every psychic expo.

List of Exhibiters at the Brunswick Heads Psychic Expo – Psychic Saturday

1. Divinity Crystals – crystals & jewellery.
2. Kaz’s Candles & Craft – soy wax candles & craft items.
3. Dr. Ross Perry – scientific dowsing, pendulums, creams & remedies.
4. Tap into Freedom – Emotional Freedom Techniques.
5. All Natural Oils – natural massage oil.
6. Trinity Wellbeing Solutions – shamanic tools & craft.
7. Antonia De Jong – energy body work on a cellular memory.
8. Shine Your Light – face readings.
9. InnerOrigin – natural & organic products.
10. Francie Griffin – spirit guide drawings.
11. Long Life Health and Happiness – young living essential oils.
12. Essential Health – zodiac serenity mysts.
13. Kinesiology International – kinesiology sessions.
14. Susie Kiss – orgonites & mandalas.
15. Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes – quit cigarettes & weight issues.
16. Available.
17. The Gypsy’s Grotto – himalayan salt/herb grinders & magnesium.
18. The Gypsy’s Grotto – books, CD’s & new age products.
19. Available.
20. Miss Heeling Byron Bay – salt inhalers, dragons blood, Reiki.

Come along and join the fun at the Psychic Expo.  There is something there for everyone.

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