Our Readers at WellBeing4Life Expo Bribie Island RSL

Sunday 20th August 2017 – 10am-4pm

White Light Expo promotes the most popular talented readers.

Psychic Readers WhiteLight Expos Sylvia

Sylvia has been working as an astrologer and tarot reader for over twenty years.  She also practices yoga and natural therapies complimented by a strong interest in psychology.  She has trained in Germany, USA and Australia and has degrees in counselling, economics and accounting.

She has many psychic modalities to offer which include clairvoyance, clairsentience, psychometry, intuitive tarot, astrology and counselling.  During the reading people often receive confirmation about things they instinctively know and gain a new perspective on possible solutions.  An outcome frequently reported is that the reading leads to a sense of choice and empowerment.

Psychic Readers Whitelight expos Celeste

Be guided with understanding, gentleness & integrity.  Celeste can connect with the Spirit World using Mediumship, Crystal & Angel Cards, Runes, Feng Shui, Numerology & Psychometry.

YOU are the Creator of YOUR Destiny.

She has played joyfully with Spirit for over 20 years and her intent is to help you make right choices that empower you in a positive way.

Psychic Readers Whitelight expos Beryl

Beryl is an International Medium/Clairvoyant from New Zealand who now resides on Bribie Island.  

She believes that trust is the most important aspect of Mediumship & her contact with Spirit is direct.

Mediumship is Beryl’s true passion & being able to connect people with loved ones in Spirit is very rewarding & often very healing to the person receiving the reading.

Psychic Readers Whitelight expos Dee

Spiritually aware from a young age and working professionally as a psychic medium for over 5 years Dee provides gentle and honest readings connecting through your energy with readings done with or without cards.

A strong medium Dee allows you to connect with your spirit guides or loved ones in spirit providing their messages of love and guidance to help you on your life path.  She is able to connect to past life experiences to clarify life lessons and current life situations and relationships.

She provides guidance in health and well being providing assistance to manage health issues to help you with health living.

Psychic Readers Whitelight expos Sue

Psychic Medium and Teacher with over 15 years Professional Experience.

By holding your hands she can look into your past, present and future giving you guidance to move forward peacefully along your path.

Enjoy the comfort of knowing your loved ones are at rest, looking over you with the messages of Love and Peace you will receive from her readings.

Readings are available with or without Cards.  As a Medical Intuitive and fully qualified Reiki Master Sue is able to help guide you with your health as well.

Sue is a Certified Angel Intuitive and has studied with Doreen Virtue PhD.

Angels, Archangels and the Ascended Masters are very strong guides of hers and leave you with honest, gentle Messages.

Psychic Readers Whitelight expos Vanessa

Spiritually aware from an early age Vanessa is a natural, certified Master Healer and Psychic.  A reading with her involves more than Tarot as she intuitively connects with your energies, guides and those who have passed, allowing for deep Spiritual healing, guidance and channelled messages.

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