Our Readers at the Brunswick Heads Psychic Saturday Expo

Saturday 30th September 2017 – 10am-4pm

White Light Expo promotes the most popular talented readers.


Psychic Medium – over 25 years experience.  She has helped connect with loved ones fromthe other side, but it is her channelling of the Divine Wisdom which is trulyinspirational. 

Leila has a genuine loving, down to earth energy and is here to help you.


Intuitive Psychic Tarot, Reiki Master and Life Coach.  Janelle uses her skills as an intuitivereader to channel and bring forth personal messages from the client’s spiritguides as well as loved ones who may have passed over.

By combining her Tarot and Reiki skills Janelle is able to provide guidance and healing specific to the client’s own life path.  Issues of health can be a concern.  Janelle can connect with Spirit and request a Health Scan for the client and their loved ones


With over 25 years experience Jackie has assisted thousands to transform from uncertainty and fear to certainty and clarity in life purpose, relationships, health and mental wellbeing.  

She tells it as it is through her clairvoyancy and psychic skills sharing her love and wisdom to those who are ready to hear. 


Kerrie provides accurate spiritual guidance through herpsychic gifts, those of which include palmistry, past life and future readings, spirit guide drawings, mediumship and her own intuitive Angel and Guide Cards.


Janey is a Palm reader, does Astrology Tarot and is a Physic/Intuitive.  She has been the mainreader at the Crystal Castle for the last 10 years and has 30 years experience.


Avril Rose is a Natural Intuitive, Psychic and Teacher with 24 years experience. 

A reading with Avril will shine light on Your Soul’s Purpose and offer clear insight and simple steps forward.

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If you’d like any information on the Expo or wish to book one of the readers please call 0419 709 661.