Tweed Heads South Psychic Expo – Psychic Sunday

White Light Psychic Expos

Tweed Heads South Psychic Expo – Psychic Sunday

Sunday 3rd December 2017
10am – 4pm AEDT

The next Whitelight Expo is the Tweed Heads South Psychic Expo – Psychic Sunday at the Tweed Heads South Sports Club 4 Minjungbal Drive, Tweed Heads South.   This Psychic Expo is a Psychic Sunday.   Psychic Expos are run in association with the One Purpose One Solution Foundation and Whitelight Expos.  The Psychic Sunday Expos are designed to provide education and opportunities to enhance your life.


Tweed Heads South Psychic Expo

Psychic Sunday Expos bring together some of the very best psychics who are highly experienced in providing psychic insights on a wide range of issues.

Twwed Heads South Psychic Expo Exhibiter ButtonSeveral exhibitors will also be there providing a range of spiritual, wellbeing and metaphysical products and services.

As well as psychics at the Whitelight Expos Tweed Heads South Psychic Expo, there are also several exhibiters and spiritual healers available to give you insight to assist you towards being empowered and more in control of your wellbeing on an ongoing basis.

Click the link to check out the list of Exhibiters who will be at the Tweed Heads South Psychic Expo – Psychic Sunday.

Join One of Our Upcoming Psychic Expos as an Exhibiter

Don’t forget that we have psychic expos happening regularly all over South East Queensland and Northern NSW and we are always looking for Exhibiters to join us at our Psychic Expos.   Give us a call to find out where our next psychic expo is near you and then come and join in the fun.  It is an excellent opportunity to create your brand awareness and connect with new clients as well as sell your products to new customers.

Tamborine Mountain Psychic Sunday Expo

Lectures in the Corner Chat

Whitelight Expo Lectures ButtonAt many of our expos we have a Corner Chat area where you can listen to lectures on a wide variety of subjects.   The speakers are usually exhibiters at the expo which means you can follow up with them at their stand after their lecture.

There are so many ways that you can enhance your wellbeing or develop your psychic awareness and the best way is to listen to people that are experts in their area of expertise.   All of our speakers are more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Click the image to the right to check out the list of speakers we have at the Tweed South Psychic Expo and the topics that they will be presenting.



Our Psychic Readers are Highly Qualified and Experienced

Tweed Heads South Psychic Expo Readers ButtonThe psychics we choose to use at all of our expos and events are highly qualified and have a proven track record of provide accurate information.   At all expos and events we endeavour to have a mix of both locally based and visitor based psychics.

Click the Link to the left to check out the 6 psychics who will be at the Tweed Heads South Psychic Expo

Our psychics offer a range of skills and areas of expertise for you choose from whether you are looking for a tarot reader, medium, spiritual healer, astrologer, numerologist, palmistry, to name a few.  Check out our readers page for the event to see who the psychics are and their areas of expertise.

To save time at the expo and to ensure you don’t miss out on getting a reading with the psychic reader of your choice, book your session ahead of the Whitelight Expos Tweed Heads South Psychic Expo – Psychic Sunday.

Once You Have Knowledge, You Are Empowered to Take Control of Your Inner Self Which in Turn Creates Enhanced Opportunities to Have The Life You Want.


Take a day out and visit the Whitelight Expos Tweed Heads South Psychic Expo – Psychic Sunday on Sunday 3rd December from 10am – 4pm get a reading and discover what 2018 holds for you or listen to some informative lectures.  Many of the exhibiters will have some wonderful Christmas gift ideas to assist you with your Christmas Shopping.