Wellbeing4Life Expo Bribie Island

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Wellbeing4 Life Expo Bribie Island
20th August 2017

Health & Wellbeing Expo 20th Aug 2017

Health and Wellbeing Expo Bribie Island A Great Place to Meet New Like Minded Friends

Wellbeing4Life Expos are run in association with the One Purpose One Solution Foundation.  The Wellbeing4life expos are designed to provide education and opportunities to enhance your life.

lick Here Bribie Island Whitelight Expos Exhibitors Whitelight expos Psychic Readers The expos bring together several exhibitors providing a range of health and wellbeing products and services.

Each of these exhibitors are experts in their fields and are on hand to provide you with update information on the many different ways available to enhance your health and wellbeing.

Perhaps you are looking for crystals, candles, books, essential oils, jewellery, oil burners, meditation CDs, salt lamps or information on retreats – you will find exhibitors at the Wellbeing4Life Expo Bribie Island who can assist you to find what you are seeking.

Perhaps you are looking for a reiki healing, massage or aura photo, then come to the Wellbeing4Life Expo at Bribie Island on the 20th August 2017.  Whitelight Wellbeing4Life Expos are a great place to meet with experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge.  The expo venue is always abuzz with empowering energy.

Whitelight Expo Lectures ButtonLectures in our Corner Chat Area

Throughout the day there will be information lectures in our Corner Chat area. Click the picture below to find out who will be speaking and what topics will be covered.

There are lectures on crystals, energy healing, wellness products, a relaxing meditation and a a psychic doing live readings

Once you have knowledge, you are empowered to take control of your inner self which in turns creates enhanced opportunities to have Wellbeing4Life.



As well as health and wellbeing experts there are also several psychics and spiritual healers available to give you insight to assist you towards being empowered and more in control of your wellbeing on an ongoing basis.

The psychics we choose to use at all of our expos and events are highly qualified and have a proven track record of provide accurate information.   At all expos and events we endeavour to have a mix of both locally based and visitor based psychics.

Our psychics offer a range of skills and areas of expertise for you choose from whether you are looking for a tarot reader, medium, spiritual healer, astrologer, numerologist, palmistry, to name a few.  Check out our readers page for the event to see who the psychics are and their areas of expertise.

Click the Link below for information on our expert psychic readers.   To save time at the expo and to ensure you don’t miss out on getting a reading with the psychic reader of your choice, book your session ahead of the Wellbeing4life Expo Bribie Island.

Psychic Readers CLICK BUTTON


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Come along to the Wellbeing4life Expo Bribie Island on 20th August 2017.  Have a psychic reading, chat to the exhibitors and indulge yourself with a little retail shopping therapy.  Bring your friends and make it a day out. Food and coffee will be available at the venue.